Hi! I'm Marcin Mierzejewski.

I'm a software engineering manager,
a Python and data analysis enthusiast and
a travel photographer living in Kraków, Poland.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub,
Speaker Deck ... or contact me at info@zenzire.com

I'm software engineering manager with strong software development, leadership, and management (Agile, Scrum, CMM and MISRA) background in a wide variety of technologies including real-time and embedded firmware, data mining and distributed systems and web applications.

I provided technical leadership and cooperated with local, remote and multidisciplinary teams, and customers in USA, UK, Argentina, China, Ecuador, Japan, India, Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Poland.

Currently, ...

@ Neubloc as CTO, I'm head of software development department and I'm responsible for leading development teams (Python, Ruby, C# and Java). In the past as Project Leader I led the developers teams and developed (Python and Java) distributed web applications and systems.

@ Garden Mate - the winner of "Do IT with Poland" organized by Google for Entrepreneurs - I am Technical Advisor.

In the past, ...

@ Fujitsu as Project Leader I led the developers team. As a Software Engineer I researched and developed (C++, Python, C# and Java) a data mining software that uses machine learning (clustering, regression, classification and associate rules) and statistics algorithms for Financial & Banking (predictive analytic and risk scoring), Marketing (market basket analyzing and customer segmentation) and Life Science (QSAR, pharmacokinetics) industries.

@ Delphi as Software Engineer, I designed and developed (C and OSEK/VDX) a hard real-time and mission critical firmware for Body Computer Modules that performed security (alarm system and immobilizer) and body functions (trip computer, data communication and fault management).

@ Motorola as Senior Software Engineer I designed and developed (C, C++, VxWorks and Linux RT) embedded and real-time systems for integrated voice and data communications solutions for 2G (CDMA, GSM) and 3G (UMTS) telecommunication infrastructure.

I am Python enthusiast and I've been using it since 2001 for prototyping, testing, data analysis (Orange), scientific applications (SciPy, matplotlib) and web applications (Django).

I'm also a public speaker ...
@ Python's Krakow Group - "Intoduction to Django"
@ PyCon PL 2008 - "Introduction to Django"
@ 4developers - "Python & Django - fast and easy web appliaction development"
@ PyCon PL 2009 - "Introducion to data mining in Python"
@ PyCon PL 2010 - "Recommendation algorithms in Python"
Photography and travelling is my passion and my journeys have led me to more than 20 countries (including Cambodia, India, Japan, Thailand) on 4 continents.

Therefore I created mierzejewski.net, the photoblog to share the bits and pieces of captured moments of my journeys.